When Botsch and J.X., two unemployed friends from the small city of Pforzheim in South West Germany, were thinking about creating a band in the mid eighties, their inspiration derived from post industrial sounds of bands such as Test Department and Einstürzende Neubauten. Although they were making music together and were doing spontanous Metal Percussion sessions at parties and youth clubs, they never officially considered themselves as a band until the end of 1986.

Crash Toys
"Crash Toys" Botsch, Das Nichts and J.X.

It wasn't until December 1986 when J.X. already lived in Berlin that they formed the band Crash Toys and the Botsch Boys, including the following members: Jonas Alpquast, Cpt. Rozz and Mad Guitar Batches. The band had its first gig on 26.12.1986 at the Youth Club in Eisingen, a small village near Pforzheim. J.X. moved back to Pforzheim shortly after that gig.

Back in this time, Pforzheim consisted of 2 main sub-cultural music movements. On the one hand side was the Mainstream-Blues-Rock-Hippie -Oldschool and on the other side was the Punk and Post Punk.

This scene was very dominated by fans of the 70's punk style, which meant that bands who had developed that style of music by crossing the boundaries of punk and expressing themselves in a new post-punk style were hardly noticed.
Basically Industrial or Post Industrial bands were unheard of in Pforzheim, which is the reason why CTATBB had quite a regional success.

Their live shows were legendary for their energetic and DIY-like style. The concerts were usually full of surprises.

On one occasion, a gig at a street party in a regional village developed into a massive fight between the band members and the audience. On another one at a Summer End Open Air Festival in 1987, dead fish were thrown into the audience. At the Pforzheim Avantgarde Underground Festival in 1987, two members of the band, Jonas Alpquast and Mad Guitar Batches, were fired during the gig due to a lack of commitment.

New member Das Nichts joined the band in spring 1987, and in this formation the band continued to exist until its end in 1988.

Unfortunately, there are hardly any recordings of CTATBB. The CD Psychic Administration, released in 2008, is the re-release of a tape that was released under the same name in 1987. A further track from a session from 1987 can be found on the LP/CD Botsch: Retrospektive 1986-1991.

The band split up in 1988 after JX had moved back to Berlin. A reunion of the band was often considered but came to a complete standstill in 1994 after the tragic death of Botsch.


CD (2008) BRIG 003