Mental Factory was founded at the beginning of 1987 in Pforzheim, West Germany by Botsch and J.X and was an electronic music project. Originally it was meant to be a side project of their other band Crash Toys And The Botsch Boys, however, it soon became obvious that Mental Factory had far greater musical range and importance.

Mental Factory
Mental Factory: J.X. and Botch

Mental Factory disregarded the attitudes and stereotypes of the Industrial and Post-Industrial Scene, such as provocation, shocking or symbolism. Instead they confined themselves to pure music as an electronic experiment. As a duo they could easily make and record their music at home, especially as they shared a flat together.

As far back as the middle of the eighties, Botsch and J.X. anticipated innovative experimental music like it would be played later on in the nineties and 2000s by duos like Mouse On Mars or Autechre. Already back then Mental Factory were visionaries of the new millennium.

J.X.'s move to Berlin was the main reason why the work on Mental Factory (as well as on Crash Toys And The Botsch Boys) stopped. Botsch and J.X. never lost touch with each other, but unfortunately they never carried on the fruitful musical approach they had developed together.

In 1994 Botsch died tragically on the Isle of Corsica which means a reunion of Mental Factory can never happen.

Mental Factory published the music tape Drowned in 1987 (re-published in 2008 as CD on Brigade der Besten Qualität). Three tracks from this record appear also on the LP / CD Botsch: Retrospektive 1986 – 1991 (Brigade der Besten Qualität) as remastered versions by Das Nichts.


CD (2008) BRIG 005