Tri-Meh was one of many names Bernd H. and Safy were using as performers between 1985 and 1987. They started as performing artists by doing street performances in Cologne and called themselves Flokabutt Party Service: Bernd was playing the first portable mini synthesizer (Casio VL-1), while Safy was erratically dancing to the unpredictable sounds, like the master and his golem.
These street performances ensured the duo's first success to that effect that spectators were shocked and paralysed when they were watching the performance, and they were fleeing when Safy pretended to collect money from them.

A band called "Deaf Cult feat. The Legendary King of Blues".

Eventually the then emerging Cologne avant-garde art/fashion scene took notice of the duo and booked them for fashion shows. In the course of getting more publicity they were then recognised and started doing gigs as a music band performance group.

This was the initiation for their transformation from a performance project to becoming a band. They started playing gigs in Cologne and nearby Leverkusen, using steel tubes, chains and metal objects, guitar and synthesizer. This so called Cologne phase is documented in the film "kool-tour" and shows one of their concerts they were playing at the night club "Wave" in Cologne.

Another importance of the band's history was the gig at Forum Enger near the city of Bielefeld in 1986, as it marked the beginning of their actual formation as an independent audio visual duo (with changing guests), since they began to prepare sound samples, loops, four track tapes, slides, videos and even the decorations, most of which they have re-used in further shows.

Though improvised, this concert had a previously laid structure. The music was rather a combination of noise and ambient than pure noise, thus at times a kind of harmony appears through the chaos.

In 1986 Bernd and Safy moved to Berlin and re-named the band to Deaf Cult feat. the Legendary King of Blues . They had a well perceived gig on the Berlin Atonal Festival, supported by bass player/drummer Darren, and were also doing a radio interview.

Bernd and Safy continued to do gigs as Tri-Meh in Berlin (Geteilter Elektriker Club) and West Germany (Pforzheim, Geislingen, Stuttgart) and England (London). Their show at the endart galery in Berlin Kreuzberg which is recorded on CD had been one of their last shows ever. Shorly after that Tri-Meh split up.


CD (2008) BRIG 007